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Wedding Musicians

Live acts to accompany our DJs

Wedding DJ: Service

Rememberies Live Musicians

The best Wedding Musicians available to hire in the UK & Europe. Saxophonists, Bongo Players, Full Percussionists. Saxophonist London, Bongo Player London, Saxophonist Essex, Bongo Player Essex.

Why Pick Us?

We are big believers in live music.

There's just an energy given out by performers that really helps excite and motivate crowds.

It's just more entertaining to see the music being made in front of you, rather than it being hidden behind a DJ booth.

Weddings usually have a massively varied crowd, and although our DJs are incredible at getting everyone dancing, adding a live musician/musicians to your booking can really help get everyone up.

All our musicians have wireless microphones, which enable them to go out into the crowd and interact with your guests. This coupled with the DJ playing the correct tracks for the room is a recipe fo success.

We have 3 live musician acts you can add to your wedding DJ booking. Each musician gets booked for 2 x 50minute sets. We recommend bringing them on as a surprise for all your guests around 9.30pm.


Everyone loves a saxophone! If you don't there might be something fundamentally wrong with you. Our saxophonists are incredible, they lock onto the key of the DJs track and play along with whatever is playing. Their full of energy and will happily dance in and around the dance floor to motivate your wedding party.


Trombone Player

Adding a Trombone player to play alongside our Saxophonist, really helps create incredible harmonies. We're so lucky to have one of the best Trombone players in the UK work with us. Our friend Jon Spanyol has recorded for Shy FX, so is a perfect add on for all you Drum & Bass lovers.


Percussionists & Bongo Players

Rhythm is everything, a catchy rhythm can loosen up even the most stone made set off knees. We supply live Bongo Players to go out into your crowd, and full percussionists that can play along with the most hardest of EDM styles. 


The Ultimate Live DJ Experience!

We have put together a super group of international artists to provide you with the very best we can offer. We call this Remembers Live. William the owner of Rememberies has hand picked a six person strong team. If you love your House, Techno and Drum and Bass this is the option for you. 

The super group comprises of the following:


1) Signature sound & lighting set up

2) Rememberies Sound & Lighting Engineer

3) Warm up DJ

4) Will to DJ 2 hour set

5) International Trombonist 2 hour set

6) International Saxophonist 2 hour set

7) International Percusionist 2 hour set

How does it work?

Our warm up DJ will play your first dance, and any music up till 10pm. Then Will and the group will take over and smash a 2 hour set of whatever genre you have specifically chosen. Be prepared for dance floor chaos.

How do I book?

To  check our availability and book simply click the below button, or visit our Packages and Prices page.

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