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Wedding Band & DJ

The best of both worlds. 

Wedding DJ: Service

Rememberies Wedding Band & DJ

The very best Wedding Bands available for weddings and events across the UK. Wedding Band Essex, Wedding Band Hertfordshire, Wedding Band London, Wedding Band Suffolk, Wedding Band, Wedding Band Bishops Stortford, Wedding Band, Wedding Band Chelmsford, Wedding Band Colchester, Wedding Band Cambridge.


Why pick us?

We have seen so many events where bad bands ruin evening receptions. It's so important to research who you book throughly.


A lot of bands found online can be very misleading. You must check their song lists and ask to hear up to date recordings. A wrong song choice, played badly will completely empty the dance floor. It can kill the atmosphere and ruin the night in an instant.

Function bands will normally play 2, 1 hour sets throughout the night. Unlike a DJ they have to take a break. 

Every function band normally advertises that they bring along a DJ service to fill in for the time they won't be playing.


In all our years of working in the entertainment industry, we have never seen this service to be anything more than a sound engineer pressing play on an ipod or laptop.






What do you get?

The DJ

Our Rememberies wedding DJs have been hand picked by us, and in our opinion are the very best. We have played at over 1000 private weddings and events. Multiple festivals including Nozstock, Brownstock, The Big Chill, Board Masters and Boomtown. We are proud to play out with all our friends, and have now gained quite a reputation on making weddings turn into full blown raves.

The Band 

The Fitzroy Six have worked with Rememberies for years. We share a close bond with the band members. Their musicianship and professionalism is unmatched.

Watch video showreel below.
















The 6 piece function band comprises of: 


1) Vocalist/Trumpeter

2) Saxophonist

3) Keyboards

4) Guitar

5) Bassist

6) Drummer

Normal evening run times.

1) Start of night = DJ plays warm up set

2) First Dance = DJ Plays

3) Band first hour set

4) DJ plays 45mins/ 60 mins for Band break

5) Band second 1 hour set

6) DJ finished last 30 minutes

The Band & DJ Set Up

See below 


This is not a DJ

In our opinion, to get the very best out of most events you need to book a band and an actual DJ. This way both acts can really focus on their power sets and the whole night goes crazy.

The Rememberies Band & DJ Package.

We have taken all the hard work out for you, and come up with a complete package with one of our most favourite function bands. Everyone plays through the same sound system and the night is monitored by our very own Rememberies sound and lighting engineer.


Don't be fooled by its romantic appearance, this rig packs a punch! 

Rather than giving you a choice of 1000 different options to choose from, we came up with one package that's just really good. We wouldn't play out unless it sounded and looked amazing.


The Wedding Band and DJ Rig includes the following:

  1. Custom Rustic Love Letters 

  2. 1 x 4000w Bose F1 Speaker System

  3. 2 x multi effects lasers

  4. 2 x disco floor lights

  5. 8 up-lighters

  6. Pioneer mixing desk and decks

  7. Behringer 12 channel effects mixer

  8. Chauvet smoke machine

  9.  Rememberies Sound & Lighting engineer

  10. Rememberies DJ

  11. 6 Piece Function Band

DJ and Band Additions

You can choose to add a few different ideas to your wedding DJ booking.

Live Musicians

If you like your dance music, why not add one of our amazing Saxophonists, Bongo Players or even a Trombone Player to accompany our DJ after the band finish.


For more info see our Wedding Musician page.

Lazer Package

If your venue allows the use of a smoke machine, we can bring that festival laser show we all know you love, to your wedding! There is nothing wrong with having a rave at a wedding. :)

Questions & Answers

What's the set up time?

We have designed the wedding DJ rig to be as quick as possible to set up, everything is flight cased and on wheels. If given step free access we can load in and set up in around 45 minutes to an hour. We then require a further 30 minutes for a sound check with the 6 piece band.


How long do we get music for?

Our Band and DJ can be set up and be playing from as early at 19.00 and play until 23.59.

We do offer a late licence DJ add-on. If your venue allows the music to continue past midnight we will play up until 03.00. We like to party!

What music will you play?

This is by far the most important question we have to answer.


It's so important to us that you get the music you want played on your wedding day.


When you confirm a booking with us, we ask you to send over a music request form of any must play songs. 


For weddings we like to ask for: 

  1. First dance choice

  2. Second dance choice (usually bride and her father/family member)

  3. 10 must play songs for the bride

  4. 10 must play songs for the groom

  5. Any must play guest requests

  6. Ending song choice

Our wedding DJ and Band will then incorporate the songs into a mix and then add in other ideas which will work and keep your dance floor full. 

If you have a real love for a certain genre of music. Eg, HOUSE, GARAGE, DRUM & BASS, INDIE DISCO, SWING, ELECTRO SWING and even JAZZ , we are more than happy to perform a 1 to 2 hour set during the evening. 

What's the back up plan?


On the very unlikely event our DJ cannot make your wedding we have back up DJs available. All your music requests will be forwarded on to the back up wedding DJ and our office will relay all information needed. In 15 years of playing out at events, this has never happened. It's nice to know you're covered though.

How can I book?


For our prices and to check availability click the above button, or go to our Wedding Packages & Prices page.


Confetti Cannon

Add a confetti cannon for your first dance and surprise your guests!

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